Food Bank – a necessary resource

The Town of Brome Lake Food Bank has helped feed vulnerable citizens in TBL, as well as Brome and West Bolton, for nearly thirty years. Since the pandemic, gift cards for the IGA have been given out to the regular fifty or so clients since food distribution at the Community Centre is difficult because of the social distancing regulations. It is hoped that normal food pick ups will be able to resume in July, but this has yet to be confirmed. There have recently been thirteen emergency food requests and the Food Bank, run by a loyal group of volunteers, is ready to help those in need during these difficult times.

Call 450-242-2020 extension 319 to make a request. No-one needs to go hungry. People have been very generous with donations and there have been fund-raisers organized to help this worthy cause. Cheques should be mailed or delivered to: The TBL Food Bank, Centre Lac-Brome, 270 Victoria Knowlton, J0E 1V0.