Not Tempo as usual

For the first time in in 37 years, Tempo did not publish in May and June this year. Exceptional circumstances we live in.

The issue you are holding in your hands now – as was the April issue – was put together by a reduced team of committed volunteers.

In order to abide by the Public Health sanitary rules, we cannot hold production meetings in person and no more than five people can be in our office at any given time. And they have to wear masks. Luckily, our region was spared the massive influx of COVID-19 cases and we want to keep it that way.

But, this poses very special challenges for a Community Forum that thrives on people exchanging views and experiences and on advertisers who, for the most part, had to put a stop to their activities for the past few months.

However, we hope that reading this unusual issue, you will get a better sense of what our exceptional community is doing to overcome these difficult times and to put sunshine, flowers and, I hope, a little balm in all our lives.

Happy reading!

The Editor