A Summer treat

After an endless winter, one of the great joys of living in TBL is the opportunity to eat outside. Fortunately we are blessed with many great choices. Many restaurants have terrasses but some of them make it especially attractive in these times to eat al-fresco.

My granddaughter, like many girls of her age, likes the healthier side of eating. The Elderberry Farm, Vitalité Sureau, is the ideal spot for healthy food and all kinds of Elderberry drinks. You also can enjoy a wonderful view of the countryside. On the other hand, my grandson is more of the burger and fries kind of guy, so we often have a date at the renowned Knowlton Pub. This is opposite the library, his other favourite spot in town.

We all know that breakfast and lunch taste best when eaten outside. For their downtown al-fresco dining, many locals chose either the Café Floral or the Star Café. Many alternate between the two.

As for dinner, after a hard day, drinks and dinner on the terrace of the Relais is a fine reward. Located at the epicentre of town, good food can be combined with that important bistro experience, people watching. For that very special occasion, a date with a loved one, an anniversary, or just a gift to yourself, I would select the Mistral Bistro at the Jolivent on the west side of the lake where the delightful food is matched by an exquisite surrounding and, as the names say, lovely breezes.

Also serving lunch and dinner on a terrace is TBL’s first, and only, microbrewery, La Knowlton Co. A good place to celebrate a birthday on the terrace at the back that looks out into the woodlands.

But, summer would not be summer in TLB without a burger at the Marina nicely located on Brome Lake. On a sunny day, you can make-believe that you are in the Caribbean. The deceptively simple menu is served by the owner and her exceptional team making the entire experience a delight.

Up to you to discover new places that may open later. Come and make our summer, yours.