What to look for in this Tempo

You are about to discover that the Town of Brome Lake is much more than a collection of places to visit. It is a place of beauty, with extraordinary landscapes and a place where the history of its people is everywhere present. And that history goes back a long time. It has left its mark.

The Brome County Historical Society and the important heritage buildings all over the Town of Brome Lake are witness to that history.

This guide is organised around various themes that will take you into the countryside where active farms dot the landscape and where part of our local food comes from. It can be found at the local market every Saturday morning.

Knowlton attracts antique lovers and collectors. A whole section of this guide is dedicated to those who are looking for beautiful and meaningful objects to adorn their abodes. Fun and imaginative fashion is also featured in town.

Of course, no visit is complete without a stop at a restaurant. The only problem is that there are too many! You will have to come back a few times to sample them.

No wonder the place attracts so many artists and is home to galleries and art stores. Again, one visit is certainly not enough to get a sense of all the artistic talent that lives in the Town of Brome Lake.

In the course of your discovery trip, you will surely notice the elegant homes that make the Town of Brome Lake a real estate choice destination.