Au Diapason’s special fundraising walk


The palliative care Maison Au Diapason is launching a different form of fundraising. It is called “One Month, My Victory: in Action for Au Diapason’s 10th Anniversary’’, an event that will take place during the entire month of September 2020. The goal is to accumulate a record number of kilometres or to achieve record times, depending on each participant’s challenge. La Marche/La Course will officially start on Sunday, September 6 at noon and close on Sunday, October 4 at noon. The opening and closing ceremonies will be broadcast live on the web: To register, form a team of 10 participants and raise a minimum of $2,000, which is the amount necessary to provide care for a patient for almost a week at Au Diapason. It is also possible to participate individually by raising a minimum of $200 or by making a donation. La Maison Au Diapason opened on April 1, 2010 and, since then nearly 1,200 patients and their families have benefitted from its services. For more details contact Monique Bibiane Sergerie 450-534-2002 ext. 254.