West Bolton Council Meetings: July & August 2020


All councillors except Mayor Drolet were present. Councillor Vaillancourt presided over the meeting

Opening Statement – The heat waves and lack of rain have lowered the water table and affected the level of water in many wells. Please continue to observe the health rules. Delivery of grocery orders to local residents continues under the supervision of Councillor Pouliot. It was announced that home delivery of grocery orders will become a permanent service. Order forms will no longer be sent by mail and there will be a service charge of $8 for delivery. Contact the town hall for details. Our rural roads continue to be crowded by cyclists and tourist cars.

Questions – There have been two requests for permits for short-term tourist rental accommodation but no permits have been issued yet. Contact the town hall for information on disposal of used tires.

Inspector’s Report – In May there were 25 applications for permits with a total value of $227,000. In June there were 24 applications with a total value of $265,000.

Subdivision of a lot on Mizener Rd to facilitate the sale of 2.8 ha of land to a neighbour was approved. No change in use is involved. Bylaw revisions – Two bylaws were revised to conform to the requirements of the MRC land use plan.

A Code of Ethics for members of the Urbanism Committee was approved.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, when no public meetings can be held, the province has approved a 15-day period of consultation by writing. The process will be started with a public notice.

Roads – Paving of Foster Rd has been completed.


The mayor and all councillors, except Robert Chartier, were present. Opening Statement – West Bolton is looking for an employee to fill the new position of Deputy Director General and Treasurer. Public comments will be received until Sept 4 on the new bylaws and the proposal to build a new town hall.

Urbanism – Two minor derogations and 21 applications for permits with a total value of $574,822 were approved. Two applications for permits to operate a tourist residence on Crow Hill and Vista were approved. The permits will be revoked if there are three complaints about noise, too many guests or general nuisance. An application for CPTAQ permission to change the use of an existing building on Brill Rd. was approved. A consultant will study opportunities to develop more residential space on Bolton Pass Road between Bailey and Glen Roads.

Bylaw revisions – The welcome tax will be increased from 1.5% to 3% on the portion of the price of the property above $500,000.

Public Safety – Our rural roads continue to be crowded by cyclists. Many do not obey the rules of the road. The strike at the Port of Montreal may result in an increase in rail traffic. Drive with care.

Roads – All roadwork on Foster Mt. will be monitored by a consulting engineer to ensure that the work conforms to the agreement.

Environment – Use of the brown bins for compostable materials is increasing but some residents are still putting plastic in these bins. Plastic is NOT compostable. Compost is available free of charge – bring your own shovel and container. Contact town hall for information on location.
Public Health – The IGA in Knowlton will stop taking orders for delivery. Discussions are being held with the Metro in Waterloo.

Next meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 8, 7:30 p.m.