West Bolton Council Meeting: Sept 2020

The mayor and all councillors were present by Zoom.

Opening Statement – COVID cases are increasing across the province. Please follow the health rules. The CPR is working to correct safety problems on the tracks through West Bolton. All residents are asked to continue to send in comments on the new MRC zoning regulations, and the idea of building a new town hall.

Urbanism – Fifteen requests for permits with a value of $53,500 were received. The operating permit for the SINTRA gravel pit on Bailey Rd. was extended for 10 years. The operator must ensure protection of the Blount cemetery and excavate no deeper than one meter above the water table.

An exchange of land between two owners to change the property line to follow a creek was approved, with no change in land use. A minor derogation was approved to allow a fence that exceeds the regulation of 1.25m in height. A proposal for a pond on Paramount must have a risk and environmental assessment prior to approval.

Bylaw revisions – Bylaws to control installation of domestic windmills and solar panels as well as the MRC regulation on location of gravel pits and mining operations were approved.

New Assistant DG and Secretary Treasurer – Seventeen applications were received, four were interviewed a second time. The new staff member, Mme Maike Storks lives in East Bolton, is fluent in French, English and German and will start work on Sept. 28.

Public Health & Safety – West Bolton will join TBL in providing extra equipment required due to COVID for the two primary schools in Knowlton.

Questions – There are three full-time plus one temporary staff working at the town hall. Councillors make regular visits during working hours. Trees planted as windbreaks must be at least two feet from the road allowance. Any houses built on green zoned land must be approved by the CPTAQ and the lot must have 90 m of frontage on a public road. High Speed Internet for West Bolton is still under discussion by Bell, Hydro Quebec, MRC, Federal and Provincial government officials. Decisions will be made soon – we hope.

Next meeting: Monday, October 5, 7:30 p.m.