Town of Brome Lake Council meeting: October 2020

Gilbert Arel, TBL’s Director General was pleased to report that the town is doing very well financially. The hot real estate market will translate into an expected $2M surplus this year thanks to the welcome tax and the closing of the Inverness Golf course. Some $275,000 will revert to the town in back taxes. This is customary when a golf course changes usage.

Doctors missing

Again, the lack of medical doctors (up to 1,500 citizens are without a physician in TBL) was raised. This time the mayor tabled a letter he received from the local health authorities.

Nuisances by Airbnb renters, more waiting

After promising the tabling of a bylaw to control nuisances caused by renters of Airbnb properties, town Clerk Owen Falquero announced that the process was interrupted while the government tabled Bill 67, on short term rentals, in the National Assembly. A municipal bylaw has to be in line with provincial legislation. Also, said Falquero, a proper public consultation on the issue cannot be held right now because of the pandemic. However, a video explaining the proposed legislation will be posted on the town’s website. That sensitive topic has brought more questions. Should a citizen call the police if more than 10 people are inside (contrary to public health directives) a week-end rental? Absolutely said the mayor.

Attack in Lions Park

A citizen described a violent attack that took place at Lions Park on Oct. 3 where some youngsters were threatened by another group of teenagers wielding an axe. The mayor indicated that the perpetrators of the attack were arrested by police and charges were laid.

Knowlton in the movies

The filming was postponed when the pandemic broke out. The Republic of Sarah returned to Knowlton. The shoot will continue till the end of the month.

Next meeting: Monday November 2 at 7 p.m. at CLB