New home design store

Vivre Ici Décor, a new home design store, recently opened at 455 Knowlton Road, filling up the bright space that was vacated when Bousada moved out. The owners and life partners, Sonia Daigle and Sylvain Bolduc, who had been working for some time to realize this dream of theirs, were poised to sign the lease when the pandemic hit. They decided to take some more time to reflect on the decision but a month later they signed the lease and have not looked back.

It would seem that their timing could not have been better given the boom in home sales and construction projects in the Townships. Vivre Ici Décor aims to be the place people, as far away as Granby, think of when it comes to home decor. The store specializes in flooring, window coverings, and kitchen design. A variety of specialty items like duvets and pillows from Marie l’Oie and unique furniture and accessories by Ivan Brosseau’s UBU Design is also on offer.

Daigle, who is from Knowlton, got her feet wet as a home stager 10 years ago and fell in love with design. Bolduc has a background in publishing and is focused on the store’s marketing and administration. Bolduc’s keen interest in the Townships and Daigle’s passion for design make for a strong team. Daigle firmly believes that your space can make a big difference in your well-being. “I eat and dream of design” she says. Daigle prides herself on listening to her clients. The inviting kitchen island on the boutique’s first floor makes for a comfortable (and physically distanced) meeting place where Sonia can find out about her client’s needs.

When asked about the ways Daigle can help clients avoid common décor mistakes, she offers a few examples: picking the right size carpet for a room, measuring windows for coverings to maximize the light or effect, and laying out a kitchen to make it a pleasure to work in. Sometimes when couples are having trouble coming to an agreement Daigle says she can help by acting as the arbitrator, helping them to move forward.

The store is open everyday except Sunday and Wednesday. An appointment is recommended. Contact Sonia Daigle at 450-775-0720 or Visit