West Bolton Council Meeting – April 2021

All councillors and the mayor were present by Zoom.

Question Period – The gravel pit at 91 Bolton Pass Rd. will be permitted to dynamite five times per year to blast a large mass of bedrock and produce crushed gravel. Local residents will be notified before each blast and blasting mats will be used to ensure that rock and dust is contained. Some residents are concerned that blasting may damage the local aquifer, streams and ponds. The Ministry  of Environment will be consulted.

Urbanism – 24 permits were issued with a value of $1,156,500  including one new house.

Road Maintenance – A loan was approved to cover summer road  repairs to Bailey, Brill, Spicer and Stukely. The balance of costs will be covered by a provincial grant, surplus funds from the “Welcome tax” and gravel pit fees. 

Environment – Council approved a grant of $150 for each new child to help cover the cost of re-useable diapers. This will reduce costs to the family and the volume of garbage. 

Public Safety – The Dept of Transport has reduced the speed limit on Route 243 in Bolton Pass to 80 km/h. In May the speed limit in the Rogerson Rd. zone will be reduced to 70 km/h. New signs will be posted. 

Culture and Leisure – Councillor Robert Chartier was appointed to manage the establishment of a network of public paths. 

The Brome County Historical Society (BCHS) has asked for permission to move the old St. Andrew’s Anglican Church on Tuer Rd to the BCHS property in Knowlton. If the building is not moved the municipality will have to assume responsibility for maintenance and repairs. No new vocation can be found for the building in its present location. Council has discussed this in detail and is in favour of moving the building. West Bolton residents will be con- sulted by mail before a final decision on June 6. 

Next Meeting: Monday, May 3rd at 7:30 p.m.