Lucien (Lou) Fauteux

Lucien (Lou) Fauteux has died at the age of 78. 

Lou was born in Montreal, the youngest of six children of an English mother, who emigrated to Canada at age 21, and a French-Canadian bilingual father. All six children spoke both languages perfectly, with Lou acting as translator at a young age for his mother. The family had a friendly laugh at the fact that their mother  could not pronounce her surname name properly. 

Lou was an excellent athlete – football, tennis, squash, golf, swimming, skiing among his sports.  He was also an inventor and entrepreneur, his most famous product being a robotic fryer, Boss Fry, one of which was used at the farm to supply food for many gatherings. 

Lou and his wife Elizabeth Wirth moved to the area in 1986 when they bought a 300-acre farm on Papineau Road. The farm was originally owned by the Tibbits family, Lou and Elizabeth being only the third owners.  The couple lovingly rebuilt the farmhouse, started a tree farm, renovated the old buildings and kept the fields in order. 

Lou was active in the community and was on the urbanism committee of the Town of Brome Lake.  When his wife chaired the Theatre Lac-Brome annual summer gala, Lou was fully active and essential behind the scenes. He also helped the theatre with storage of props and was delighted to host performers, including the always amusing Bowser and Blue. 

Lucien Fauteux died at home with his wife Elizabeth, friend Suzanne Crawford and Labrador Lucy at his bedside. He is survived by his wife, his children Eric and Anita Brand and sisters Sonia and Helen. Sadly, Helen died 4 days after Lou of COVID.