The appeal of this area

Laurence Fleury

I was asked by Tempo to explain my motivations for moving to the Town of Brome Lake.

It was luck that brought me here. Some friends of mine had moved to the Eastern Townships a few years before and happily decided to stay. I just needed a good rest and some space in nature for the summer. I was looking to spend time away from the stress of school and the gloom of the city. It was to be with my friends, more than for the region’s charms, that I first came here.

Those three and a half months flew by and I, unwillingly, had to return to the city. My obsession: finish acupuncture school and get back to Brome Lake. In mid February, I took the plunge, spending my weeks in Montreal and weekends in the country.

It has been almost three years now since I have moved here. I have nurtured every change and joy that came with the new rhythm of the life I had chosen; to enjoy and love every tiny bit of it so it would fall into place in a natural way. Speaking of love, I found it. I have also met beautiful people that welcomed me as if I had been here forever. Life is full of this warm hospitality that is so specific to communities where everyone knows each other. I fell in love and I wanted to share all that beauty and spirit with my new-born child.

Coming back from maternity leave, it is now time for me to play my part in the village’s life. Professionally, I am starting my Acupuncture practice in the Sport Physio Plus clinic. Personally, I plan to keep exploring the surrounding nature: rock climbing, cycling, swimming and hiking with my family. Also, I want to find how I can be part of the development of the area.