A new regenerative livestock farm

If you’ve been driving our country roads lately, you may have noticed some new residents in Brome county: a group of steers, chickens, ducks and lambs. The animals belong to Émilie Tremblay of Pâturages du Lac-Brome. They and their caretaker Serge “Lama” have settled on a portion of Jacques-André Dupont and Janic Gosselin’s land on Brill road – a project currently under development that we first told you about last spring. 

Les Pâturages du Lac-Brome focuses on regenerative animal production. It was supported by Élyse Cardinal of Arterre, who puts landowners in touch with farmers looking for land. In this case, it was a perfect match. Jacques-André and Janic were “greatly impressed by Émilie and her project! Her passion, the seriousness and depth of her vision to promote the regeneration of agricultural lands through ethical production, as well as her plan to use neglected land in the Brome Lake area totally seduced us,” they say. And the admiration was mutual. 

Émilie’s project is not just to sell ethically-raised, grass-fed meat, but also to regenerate the lands that feed her animals. It’s a project that is close to her heart and one that fulfills all the environmental requirements that she’s passionate about. As one does- n’t simply wake up one morning and decide to become a farmer, Émilie learned the ropes working on other organic animal and vegetable farms before starting her own business. She is also completing a bachelor’s degree combining animal production, sustainable development and green space management. 

Starting a business in the middle of a pandemic takes both courage and a good plan, and Émilie has both. The project is promising, and has already generated a lot of interest in the media and throughout the community. 

If you would like to encourage her, you can follow her on her Facebook page or website, where you can buy her meat directly: https://www.paturagesdulacbrome.com/ You can also reach her by telephone at 514-262-4421. 

Translation: Alexandre Hackett