Can you believe

A groundhog not only took the time to stop and sniff the freshly planted flowers in the garden adjacent to his hole, but he nestled there as if he were planning to take a nap. Perhaps he would have fallen asleep amongst the colourful petals that abounded were it not for the noise that interrupted his tranquil moment. A fox on the hunt saw him soaking up the beauty in the garden. As the predator silently approached him from behind, a woman, known for her fox-scaring tactics, came running through the patio door of her home clanging a metal flowerpot with a stainless-steel spoon that she had hastily grabbed from the kitchen. The fox ran away and the groundhog returned to his hole. Rodent determination brought him back to the flower bed the next day where the woman once again enjoyed watching him rest as she guarded his life from a distance. 

• On the other side of the coin, there are those who are frustrated by voracious groundhogs devouring their fledgling plants as they try to mature in their perennial gardens. Not to mention the battles that can ensue between family pet and ferocious rodent. 

• Two sisters, leaving Whitehorse in the Yukon, to travel in a mobile home to the Maritimes, stopped overnight in Knowlton to visit a friend whom they hadn’t seen in over 50 years. While dining on the patio in a restaurant in Bondville, one of the sisters spotted a couple, at the next table, whom she had known from sailing days in Dorval and from both living and working for five years in the United Kingdom. What an incredible coincidence and what a small world. Then, on continuing their travels to join in a family reunion in Rivière du Loup, they are introduced to a woman who lives in Knowlton. 

• The world seems to be expanding for wild turkeys as there have been reports of parents showing off their numerous babies in the downtown core. Between them and the huge deer population, amateur photographers have been having a field day.