Library plans: the “living room”

Pettes Memorial Library 

This is for all of you who have completed our survey at the Library (Thank you!) and told us how much you enjoy simply relaxing at Pettes. This month we’d like to talk about the changes planned for your favourite haunt, the reading room.  Some people call it the Town’s “living room” and use it for reading newspapers and magazines or thumbing through books. They come to use our WIFI, chat with friends or make new ones, get some work done or add their bit to a communal jigsaw puzzle. Occasionally we catch someone snoozing. All perfectly acceptable activities. 

But while the reading room has unique architectural features, which will be lovingly preserved, there’s definitely room for functional and aesthetic improvement when it comes to things like the fluorescent lighting. And think what a ventilation system could do! Add a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting and furniture… All are in the plans for the reading room. And there will be new places to relax, read and kibitz once our expansion project is complete. The roof-top terrace, with its garden and bird’s-eye views of the mill pond and park, and the new periodicals section downstairs, offering bright and airy window seating right next to the children’s area and across from the café are all planned. Grab a coffee and today’s paper and relax where you can keep an eye on the kids. 

In short, for all you library loungers, there will be more comfort, more choice and, we hope, more reason to make a generous donation to the Pettes Memorial Library Expansion Project. Our fundraising campaign is officially under way. We have big plans for our library and our community. And with your help, we will realize them. Thank you for your support! 

For donation information or to donate online, visit Our opening hours are posted on and our website.