Humminghill Farm, where design and flavour come together

When an architect and a designer decide to get into farming, the result is an exceptional range of products. Humminghill Farm in West Bolton is the creative laboratory of Richard Ouellette and Maxime Vandal, co-founders of the group Les Ensembliers. As specialists in architecture, design and residential construction, they are behind some of the most beautiful projects in Quebec. They do everything with refinement and their artisanal vinegars are no exception. From the quality of the product to the branding, nothing is left to chance. 

Humminghill Farm promotes sustainable living based on resource management, permaculture, LEED construction methods and biological agriculture. The result: farm to table vinegars. Four flavours are currently available: chive blossom, basil and lemon, tarragon the newly and pepper added oregano and spiced chai – the first in their series of red wine-based knack for vinegars. design Their is reflected in the magnificent colours of the liquids, which are lovely to behold when displayed side by side in the grocery store. Maxime and Richard consider everything down to the last detail. As well as vinegars, they produce flowers and will soon have their own honey. If you visited Virgin Hill’s atelier de café this summer, you may have noticed the wonderful bouquets with which they decorated the tables each week. They have recently shifted gears and have obtained a boiler, planted two new fields of chives and welcomed new members to their team.

Last year, HumminghillFarm produced 300 bottles of vinegar. This year, it was 4,000 sold in 40 locations across Quebec and sent as far away as Vancouver. Next year, they hope to have their products sold in 100 different locations and to produce between 8,000 and 10,000 bottles. You can buy their vinegars at E-Townships in Knowlton and online at their boutique and at Perfect for vinaigrettes or to marinate poultry, meat and fish, their star product, the flower of chive vinegar, will add a unique touch to your dishes. Made from a base of pink chive flower heads, it also uses a concentrate derived from white asian chives that are left to soak throughout the winter to give it a stronger taste. This project, which started out as a hobby, is really taking off and they are preparing to make more announcements later in the fall. To read more about this local business, visit their website:

Translation: Alexandre Hackett