Literary Festival has online plans

COVID-19 has hurt local groups that usually hold events open to the public. The Knowlton Literary Festival is no exception. Following a number of successful small online events, held earlier this year, the 2021 Literary Festival will be held online October 15 and 16. 

Five authors: Janie Chang, Joanna Goodman, Bob McDonald, John McFetridge and J. D. Miller will participate. The cost will be $25 for the full five author event. Full details of how to book will be made available soon on the Festival Website:

Once again, the accomplished Roger Williams will be the MC. In addition to the paid for part of the event, there will be free online meeting rooms where visitors can chat with each other, as if they were there in person. There will also be free meeting rooms hosted by the Pettes Memorial Library, Town of Brome Lake and Yamaska Literacy Association.

Later, when COVID-19 rules become more settled, the Festival intends to continue with its traditional, in person, supporting events such as a visit by a well known author to Knowlton Academy, a writer’s workshop and a local writer’s event.