The power of a name

Alison Marks

The Brome County Historical Society has adopted Musée LacBrome Museum as a new trade name to be used on signage and other commercial purposes, as well as an updated visual identity, it was revealed Saturday, August 28th at the Night at the Museum Gala by Director Allan Mass.

The new visual identity and trade name, which was developed over many months with the help of local branding specialists, will reflect the strategic objectives and vision of the BCHS to operate a local museum of national importance. With two highly coveted provincial accreditations, the Musée Lac-Brome Museum is poised to become the premier history museum and archives in the Eastern Townships. The Brome County Historical Society, incorporated in 1898, retains its incorporation, its name, and its mandate/mission to acquire, preserve, research, exhibit, interpret and publish items of historical interest through both the museum and the archives that it operates.

It has decided, however, that for marketing and recognition purposes, it needed a trade name and visual identity that better reflected the current state of affairs.

The former County of Brome, an historical geographic area covering five original townships of Brome, Bolton, Potton, Sutton and East Farnham, no longer exists as an entity. And perhaps more importantly, the Museum resides in the heart of the newly constituted Ville de Lac-Brome.

As such, the Museum will now be known as Musée Lac-Brome Museum (acronyms MLB/LBM) and will have a new look, new logo and new colours to take it successfully forward into the future.