Candidates respond to questions by Renaissance Lac Brome

Renaissance Lac Brome is aware that protecting the lake is a priority for the citizens of the Town of Brome Lake. This is why RLB has made it its mission to ensure that this jewel remains healthy for as long as possible. Given the upcoming municipal elections, Renaissance Lac Brome wanted to know what the various candidates are prepared to do to protect the lake and asked them 5 questions. These questions were published in the October issue of Tempo. The majority of the candidates answered our questions and outlined their commitments, including the Town of Brome Lake, who grouped into a single response those of all candidates elected by acclamation.  You will find the commitments of the candidates regarding the protection and the health of Brome lake on the Renaissance Lac Brome website: 

We’d like to thank all the candidates as well as the Town of Brome Lake, and wish good luck to all! 

Translation: Alexandre Hackett