First Responders needed

It is recruitment season for the Town of Brome Lake’s First Responders. Alan Bowbrick, the supervisor, is looking for up to seven new recruits. You will be well trained. The more than 60 hours of training include, CPR, wound management, childbirth, trauma, and medical emergencies. You will also have to pass the exam for a 4A driver’s licence to drive an emergency vehicle. The town pays for your training, your 4A licence, uniform, medical exam, shots for such diseases such as Hep A and B, and boots. The pay is $45 per shift whether you are called out or not.

On average there are 1.3 calls per shift or 400- 450 calls a year. The coverage area includes the Town of Brome Lake and West Bolton plus 10 km of Highway 10. The shifts are from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. First Responders are the first to arrive. You are never on your own. Both trucks are directed to the scene. The ambulance will always join you, and sometimes the police. If there are two emergencies at the same time, the supervisor, or another First Responder, will join you. The team is always ready to support each other. 

This work is not for everyone. You will be exposed to childbirth, car accidents, and medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest. Sometimes there is stress, but you have your colleagues to rely on, and there is also access to specialists who can help as well. The full complement of the TBL First Responders is 30. Bowbrick concludes that “It’s very rewarding work for the right kind of person.” Please contact him by email here: if you are interested.