Poetic women

Meredith Mackeen 

Experience the everyday in new ways as perceived by poets Gillian Eastley and Phyllis Sise, both residents of Town of Brome Lake. Both have been included in the anthology,  “Emergence: Contemporary women poets of the Eastern Townships of Quebec” edited by Angela Leuck.  Eastley and Sise, among many others, have pursued their writing interests through courses offered at Bishops University Life Learning Academy and organized by Jan Draper who grew up in Brome. Like many of the 24 contributors, both Eastley and Sise have honed their craft for decades, although this is Eastley and Sise’ first time to be published in an anthology.  Louise Abbott, a well known photographer captured these women in portraits taken outdoors. As well she suggested the title and produced video poems with eight of the poets available at: vimeo.com/439042257.  The editor, Angela Leuck, describes the poetry as contemporary and mainstream, neither traditional nor experimental. The natural world, and relationships with family members and friends are recurring themes. The anthology is available at Brome Lake Books.