The BiG DiG

Alison Marks 

What is going into the big hole at 438 Knowlton Road? DOLLARAMA? A mega-house? McDonalds? The question is on everyones lips. It’s a mystery that Tempo set out to solve. According to Gilbert Arel, general manager of the Town of Brome Lake, we can expect to see three low-rise apartments of six apartments each; meaning eighteen new apartments for the Town of Brome Lake population. Unfortunately there is no underground parking so there will be lots of cars in their parking lot. While Mr. Arel couldn’t speak to the rates to be charged for these new apartments, nor the anticipated delivery date, he did indicate that the developer is Mr. Jean Lacroix from Sutton who could probably provide more details.  The big dig was done quickly and efficiently by STR Excavation, with minor disruption to the town. Tempo unfortunately does not know where all the dirt went!