To the polls

Most members of the population never attend municipal council meetings. If they do, it is because of a personal concern and, once their question is addressed, they usually leave.  It is therefore most important to elect a mayor and councillor that will have your concerns at heart. Our elected officials have the huge responsibility of running our five different municipalities and this is not an easy task. 

Each of the five municipalities that is covered by Tempo has different concerns and this can vary depending on where your property is located. It could be the lack of water in your well, the slowness of the internet, speeding on dirt roads, too many trucks taking shortcuts and a myriad of other important factors. One thing we all have in common is that we feel blessed to be living in our beautiful area, especially during the pandemic. 

In two municipalities, Brome Village and St-Étienne-de-Bolton, there will not be an election since the mayors and councillors have all been elected by acclamation.  In Town of Brome Lake, the mayor and four councillors have been acclaimed but there will be elections in West Brome-Iron-Hill and Foster.  In East Bolton, Joan Westland-Eby is retiring after being mayor for a noteworthy 28 years and this position is being contested by two candidates. Five out of the six posts for councillor are being contested.  In West Bolton, Jacques Drolet is retiring as mayor after eight years and this position is being contested by two candidates. Four out of six councillors have been acclaimed and there are two contested seats. 

You are encouraged to cast your ballot on November 7.