Wellness Centre and Pettes Library join hands

Jane Livingston, Pettes Library 

The Wellness Volunteer Centre of Brome Lake has reached out to Pettes Library with a generous offer. With the Library’s expansion project in mind, Wellness will purchase $25,000 in equipment and materials ranging from computers to outdoor furniture. These items will be primarily, but not exclusively, for the use of seniors. Together, Pettes and Wellness will acquire an array of items ranging from iPads and tablets to portable dollies on which to secure them. Some of the tablets will be available for ‘loaning,’ just like a book. For the library grounds, garden swings and a secured gaming table for checkers or chess are among the items being considered. 

This initiative, in part, grew out of a cooperative venture that started before COVID-19 hit. Some months ago, Pettes, with the help of Wellness, started up The Monday Club. Wellness volunteers drove individuals who live in relative isolation and cannot drive, to the library on Monday mornings. As Pettes is closed on Mondays, the club could take full advantage of the library resources.  At the same time, it was a wonderful opportunity to socialize while enjoying the coffee and delicious baked goods provided free of charge by local caterer, Lenore Dudley. Maggie Severs, of Townshippers, offered to help organize a variety of activities for the club, the most popular being digital reading coaching. 

The computer equipment will be available to all library members during regular operating hours. The outdoor furniture will be there for anyone who cares to sit down and relax on the library grounds: tourists, citizens and library members alike.  Much can be said for the generosity of the people of the Town of Brome Lake. Your library is an integral part of this community and it takes pride in being here for you. With the planned expansion, the library will be able to enhance its role as a source of enlightenment and a place for social interaction.