Can you believe

• A couple were taking a leisurely stroll along Victoria Street in Knowlton when a car stopped to ask them for some information concerning the walking path. The driver/tourist had noticed that it was closed and was anxious for some information. The wife gave a few facts and then pointed to her husband and said that he would know a lot more. To this, the tourist asked “Oh, are you the mayor?” The husband replied “No” but, as another card pulled up, he said “He is the mayor.” Coincidentally, Richard Burcombe just happened to show up in the nick of time and was able to give the lady tourist all the information she required concerning the resurfacing of the walking/biking path. 

• A husband and wife, along with their cat and dog, took a drive in their mobile home from Knowlton to Victoria BC. As they were sitting on the terrace of a restaurant in Whistler, a man walked by and there was a familiarity about his walk that attracted the woman’s attention. Then, when she caught sight of a lady following closely behind, she knew for sure that they lived on the next street to them in Knowlton. She ran after them with their dog, Abby, who immediately ran up to the man and rubbed herself against his legs. Sure enough, the friendly dog lover had the dog cookies in his pocket that Abby was used to being given. The world is indeed a small place. 

• A woman, on her way to go shopping, opened the garage door from inside the house by pressing on the remote. She donned her boots and coat and went outside to get the car. Much to her surprise, the garage doors had remained shut with the car snuggly inside. Frustrated, she re-entered the house and gazed in exasperation at the hapless remote. Then, she realized that she had mistakenly taken the remote for the small & ancient TV instead of the garage remote – surprisingly it hadn’t responded to her touch, but the TV had. The remotes are no longer sitting side by side on the shelf.