Local pharmacists are there for you

Lorraine Briscoe and Susan Jacques 

The Town of Brome Lake and surrounding municipalities are fortunate to have the services of two pharmacies that have the health and welfare of their clients at heart. Jean-Raphaël Itoua from Familiprix and Jean-Marc Bélanger of Uniprix, both stressed the importance of advising the pharmacy if prescribed medications are likely to run out. At least a month of notice is required to ensure that you are not left without the necessary prescription. 

Pharmacists have been given more jurisdiction over the renewal of many medications: They can extend prescriptions for chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure; Prescribe medications for travel purposes (i.e. malaria and anti-diarrhea); as well as get in touch with your family doctor to renew expired prescriptions. Each case is handled individually. It is essential to speak to your pharmacist before considering stopping any medication. 

A pharmacist can also be a wealth of information on minor medical issues such as rashes, eye infections, and other ailments. If they cannot handle the situation themselves, they will advise you where to go for help. The nurse on staff at the pharmacy can give flu shots, vaccines and remove ticks. 

Should you want to go private, the Centre médical Pauzé Ferdais in Bromont is available by calling 450-919-3911 in the morning to see if they have space that day. They can take X-rays, see patients with bronchitis, urinary tract infections, etc. but will not follow up for a chronic illness. The consultation fee is $215. If you do not have a family doctor and need more help, you can go to the Rendez-vous Santé Quebec website: https://www.rvsq.gouv.qc.ca/ 

Virtual consultations with doctors are also available, for a fee, through Virtuelmed, Dialogue and Telus health to name a few. Developing a relationship with your local pharmacist is important for your mental and physical well-being.