The Path

By Robert Paterson

The upgrades to TBL’s community infrastructure continue with improvements to the path system. The old railway-path is being widened to three metres to take into account the higher traffic from both residents and visitors. This width also facilitates distancing in this time of COVID. In the winter, the wider path will make it possible to add, on one side, a cross-country trail. The new surface is made of fine gravel that packs hard. For the walker, it is as hard as concrete, but has a comfortable give. Cyclists will welcome the experience. Trucks have been driving on it without leaving any tire marks.

Most Roman roads were surfaced with stone dust, proving that it is a very durable surface as well. The first section, from Victoria to Douglass Beach was completed on November 9. The second section, from the beach to the golf course is expected to be finished by the end of November.