Taxes and projects in 2022

Katherine Jacques

Municipal Taxes November brought the new property value assessment in place for the next three years. It showed an average increase of 25%.

“Despite the fact that the three-year assessment roll has brought us significant increases in values, we have worked to limit the increase in property taxes for the vast majority of our taxpayers to a level well below the Consumer Price Index,” said the mayor.

This translates to a decrease in the average tax rate but an increase in the tax bill for Brome Lake residents of, on average, about 4.1%. Taxes differ depending on what a property is worth. It ranges from a

2.3% to 12% increase.

Major investment coming up this year:

• Mill Pond Dam construction

• Replacement of water & sewer infrastructure in Bondville – 2nd phase

• West Brome Mobile Park – water & sewer infrastructure

• Gravel roads – including Johnston Road

• Bondville green space donated by Carke Foundation – parking and sanitary unit

• The new fire station – Construction will only begin in 2023 but planning will begin this year

• Maintenance of trail and walking paths

The previous Strategic plan came to an end in 2021. Now that the new council is in place, it is ready to start the process of developing the new plan, with the help of the community, over the coming months.

Other projects planned:

• Short term rental regulation should be in place for the start of the summer season

• Master plan for the lake and a lakefront resident guide

• Objective to better communicate with citizens with modern and intelligent tools: modernize web site, 311 direct line to speak with municipality