Town of Brome Lake Council Meetings: December 2021/January 2022

Katherine Jacques

Many people attended the final in-person meeting on December 6 despite the terrible weather and a short power outage.

Paths In the past, many people frequented the paths in the park around the old Foster golf course. The town has three lots in the development that will eventually be connected to the path between Foster and Argyll. For this winter, the toboggan run is available.

New garbage/Recycling/Compost Every three years the town puts out a call for tenders for waste management. GFL quoted $2.8M and Ricova just under $2.2M. The town is obliged to take the lowest bid. It was a bumpy start but give the company a few weeks to adjust to the new schedule and routes. West Brome Mobile Park All is in place for the West Brome mobile home park to get the water, sewer, and water treatment plant. The provincial government is providing a subsidy covering 95% of the cost of the over $3M project.

Mill Pond Dam The contract was granted in March 2021 but the Minister of Environment requested a report from the Minister of Wildlife. The town is still waiting for the Certificate of Authorization to be able to proceed with the project, hopefully in September 2022. Generators There have been three new generators purchased for supporting the pumping stations during power outages – two new ones and one replacement.

Human Resources Jamie Johnston and Alain Picard were hired as Operators for Public Works. Andréanne Ouelette and Jimmy Gaulinare are now permanent as Municipal Inspectors. Jean-Francois Joubert is now the Director of Urban Planning and Environment, replacing Owen Falquero who was there in the interim.

375 Knowlton Road A new construction has been approved for two buildings of five dwellings with indoor garages in front of École St. Edouard. Environment Committee A member of Renaissance Lac Brome has now been given a nonvoting position on the Environment Committee and Céline Delacroix has also joined the fold taking on a vacant position. Zoom It looks like the next few meetings will have to be virtual, but the mayor hopes that the meetings will be able to be “real-time” so that citizens will be able to participate during question periods.

Next meeting: Monday, February 7, 7 p.m. TBD