New short term rental bylaw 

By Fred langan 

The Town is cracking down on short term rentals.  

“We’ve been tolerating it for years, but it is time to put a legal framework around it,” says Town Clerk Owen Falquero, in an interview. “The bylaw allows the possibility of short-term rentals while respecting the rights of neighbours who might be inconvenienced.” 

Some of the measures include: 

Rentals of principal residences do not require a licence, but are limited to a maximum rental period of six months. Owners of secondary residences will need a certificate of occupation from the town at a cost of $500 a year. They will also need a certificate from the CITQ, a branch of the Quebec government that deals with hotels and rentals. In both cases, rentals are limited to a maximum of six adults plus children. There are a number of other restrictions.