West Bolton Council Meeting – February 2022

By Tony Rotherham 

Present: Mayor and all councillors except G. Asselin
Mr. Fortier of the Sutton-TBL Fire Dept presented a short report on the 2021 record of fire control – 33 incidents and only one fire causing damage to a house. No fatalities. Many fire safety inspections were carried out. Please do not put hot ashes into garbage bins. 

Questions – Many traffic signs spoil the rural landscape. Is it possible to find another way to improve road safety?

Urbanism – M. Ferland, the building inspector is on a leave of absence and will be replaced by two part-time employees: an urban planner and a building inspector. They can be reached through the municipal office. 

A proposal to use a section of abandoned road on Mont Foster to provide access to a house was approved. 

A market research report on the land between Bailey and Glen Road found that it is the only area in West Bolton with any potential for commercial retail development. There are no stores in West Bolton. All residents must travel to another municipality to buy food and other necessities. Read the report on the website and send comments to Town Hall. 

Public Safety – During January there were several long power failures in the area around Brill, Bailey and Stukely Roads. Hydro Quebec has explained that the cause was high demand during cold weather and relay stations not able to meet the demand. Hydro-Quebec will resolve the problem. 

Health and Welfare – Council agreed to establish an advisory committee to assist with planning and implementing programs to assist families and the elderly that live in West Bolton. Three additional members are needed: one to represent families and two to represent the needs of elderly residents. Volunteers should notify Town Hall of their interest in serving on this committee. 

Next Meeting: March 14, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.