New boutique “Art de Vivre” opens online» 

Translation: Alexandre Hackett 

It is with great pleasure that Maxime Vandal and Richard Ouellette, owners of Humminghill Farm in West Bolton and founders of the Les Ensembliers group, announce the launch of their new online boutique “Art de Vivre”, showcasing an exclusive collection of objects related to the art of living. The objects are co-creations with 13 Quebec artisans, including eight from the Eastern Townships (and three from Brome Lake). 

Local artists include Robin Badger and Robert Chartier, Caroline Couture of Boutiverre, and Les Filles du Coin, a group of three artisans who make their own clothes and have set up shop in the heart of Knowlton. The collection is characterized by a clean and pared-down aesthetic which elegantly combines rustic accents with a contemporary feel, and the occasional nod to Japanese culture. All items are made by hand for Humminghill Farm and prices range from $15 to $850. 

All in all, the online boutique offers about 100 decorative and mixed-use objects related to the art of living and cuisine under the distinctive “Humminghill Farm” brand. From honey pots to gardening belts and decorative flower vases, all the objects are handmade by the artisans for Humminghill Farm and offered in limited quantities. You’ll also find all the farm’s products in the online boutique, including their famous vinegars and wildflower honey. 

Richard, a designer by trade, notes that “In my projects, I like to marry different styles to create something unique and distinctive. The Humminghill Farm collection is no exception. You’ll find this marriage of styles, but also a sense of the conviviality and authenticity that characterizes country life, perfect for people who love to host while being surrounded by nature. Each object has its own purpose, be it decorative or utilitarian. This is what we’re proposing through the hundred or so items in this collection.” 

Visit the website to check out the new Humminghill Farm collection. You can have your items delivered or pick them up at the Montreal offices of Les Ensembliers.