Peter McKinnon

Fred Langan 

Peter McKinnon, who has died at the age of 93, was an active part of life in Knowlton for more than 60 years, as president of the Pettes Memorial Library, president of the Knowlton Golf Club and president of the Brome Lake Duck Farm. He was a long time parishioner and volunteer at St. Paul’s Anglican Church. 

Peter McKinnon was born in Montreal on December 4, 1928, and spent much time in Hudson growing up. After school, he worked for the Royal Bank and then an industrial firm, Canadian Refractories. In 1955 he married Joan Foster of Knowlton and from then on became involved in volunteer work, business and golf in the local community. His wife’s family owned the Duck Farm, and he was involved in that for many years. 

“The Duck Farm was very special to Peter,” said Mrs. McKinnon. Attendance at his funeral at St. Paul’s was limited because of COVID. “But he asked that four old-time very special employees of the Duck Farm, be invited.” 

Peter joined the Knowlton Golf Club in 1955 and was active there for many years. He was president of the Golf Club in 1967 and 1968 and was on the board when the club decided to buy extra land that eventually allowed the club to expand to 18 holes from the original nine. Along with his passion for golf, Peter was a voracious reader, and a mystery novel was seldom out of his hands. That interest in reading led to what was perhaps his most significant local contribution, his involvement in the local library. 

“Peter McKinnon joined the Board in 1994 and was Chairman from 1996 through 2009,” says Jana Valasek, Director of the Pettes Memorial Library. “His ‘Special Names Fundraising Campaign’ was integral to the Library’s operating fund for all those years. The library was hugely important to Peter and he put much time and energy into its success. It remained important to him well past his tenure on the Board of Trustees.” 

“Peter loved Knowlton. He was very involved, and anything he could do to help Knowlton, he put his hand up,” said Mrs. McKinnon. 

Peter is survived by his wife Joan, his children Sally, Susan, Judy, and John, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.