Sport Physio Plus doubling its workspace

Robert Paterson 

Demand is driving an expansion of the Sport Physio Plus clinic on Knowlton Road. There are now four physiotherapists at Sport Physio Plus and two independent massage therapists. Five years ago, there was just Amy Rogerson, who split her time with Bromont. In January 2020, just before COVID, Karine Tcholkayan joined full-time as a partner. 

“The public health system is struggling to meet the need for physio,” said Rogerson. It simply does not have the resources. That’s why many patients are compelled to find a private alternative like us.” 

“Another factor that has driven demand for our services has been the pandemic,” said Tcholkayan, “Many former weekenders, who spent most of their lives in Montreal, now live here. They have been surprised to find that they do not have to commute to find expert services and so have chosen us.” 

“New patients also appreciate our approach. We devote the time to develop a deep relationship,” added Rogerson. “Without trust, a patient can rarely find the motivation to accept the work, and often the discomfort, required to find the result that they seek from physio.” 

Sport Physio Plus has developed a pricing system that enables most people to obtain what they need. They offer free seminars at the Community Centre, less expensive group sessions, and private appointments at the office.