Town of Brome Lake Council – March 2022

Katherine Jacques 

The council meeting was, once again, able to be in person. 

Renaissance Lac Brome 

The annual agreement was renewed with a contribution of $53K. Renaissance Lac Brome thanks council for their continued support.

St. Paul Condo Project
The town has given the developers until the 29th of March to bring signatures as proof that over 50% of the concerned citizens have given their approval to proceed with the project. 


All public organizations must follow a calendar for archiving as per Quebec law. Owen Falquero has been given authorization to manage this for the town and assure all documents are being kept and archived appropriately. 

Human Resources 

The following employees have been given their permanency with the town: Laura Lee as Project Manager for municipal infrastructures, Jamie Hayward as part-time assistant receptionist, and assistant to accounts payable. 

Albert Chesbro, formerly of the Parks department, is now Operator in Roads department.
A new 25hr/week concierge position was created to eliminate hiring outside companies to clean the town hall, municipal garage, and fire station. The position has been filled by Patricia St-Onge. 

Nautical Security Committee 

A new Nautical Security committee is in the process of being formed by Patrick Ouvrard in his capacity of Director of Public Security. Members will be chosen from the different groups that impact or are impacted in activities on Brome Lake. (Rowing Club, lakefront property owners, Boat Club members, beach users, etc.). 

Leisure, Culture, Tourism and Community Life 

The renovation of the kitchen at the Centre Lac-Brome is now complete. A big thank you to Wellness Lac Brome for their support. Applications are now being accepted to fill the summer positions for soccer, Salamander Day Camp & lifeguards. 

Culture & Tourism Committees 

Since 2019 the committee for Culture & Tourism has been on hold due to COVID. This single committee will now be split into the Culture Committee and the Tourism Committee.

Meet the Citizens Day 

There are plans to bring back the yearly meetings where citizens can voice their concerns and share their ideas with the council.

Strategic Plan
Since the previous Strategic plan was set to end in 2021, a new one is needed going forward. Public input is crucial so, in the fall, sessions will be held to cumulate all the values and objectives to be included in the plan for the next five years. 

Next meeting: Monday April 4 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome