Can you believe 

Susan Jacques 

• A woman, with two dogs, taking a shortcut through the property of the Coldbrook condos was surprised to see a truck with ‘sewerworks’ emblazoned on its side, as well as a town truck. She was even more astounded when a jet of cold water suddenly hit her at shin level, as well as showering the startled dogs. A town employee, who was new on the job, had accidentally hit the wrong lever as he climbed back into his truck and was horrified at the result of his misstep. The dog walker assured him that she was basically OK but wanted confirmation that it was indeed only water and not sewage. This happily confirmed, she continued on her way to work. It should be noted that this was a very icy and bone-chilling adventure since the temperature was about -10°C. A delivery of a pair of dry pants was a welcome sight and the dogs quickly de-iced and shook off their surprise shower with aplomb. The icing on the cake for the intrepid woman was that a few days later she was stopped by a town worker, who had witnessed the incident, to find out if she was really OK. We do indeed live in a caring town. 

• Hot cross buns are a traditional Easter delicacy and this proved true for Zorba, an elegant English Setter who was visiting in the area. Left alone for a brief moment while tea was being poured, he speedily devoured not only a plate of hot cross buns but a tub of margarine as well. 

• While on the subject of dogs, a fastidious cocker spaniel found, and made off with, a package of Halls cough and throat lozenges. He meticulously removed the wrapping from each cough drop and ate the entire pack with no apparent side effects except very minty breath and a clear and smooth bark.