New Familiprix management offers children a chance at prize

Lorraine Briscoe 

Who doesn’t enjoy colouring whether in the lines or outside the lines? Sorry, but this Knowlton Familiprix Easter colouring contest was open to children only. “Familiprix stores across the province hold these contests at special times of the year like Halloween and Christmas,” explains Knowlton Familiprix manager, Holly Chapman.  To be eligible children had only to colour and submit one of two drawings that were made available at the cash. No purchase was necessary. Jake, a two-year-old, was announced as the first winner when his name was drawn. He was presented with a basket of Easter sweets, and the Familiprix standard parent pleaser toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as some toys to make bathtime fun. Due to the popularity of the contest it was decided that a second name would be drawn from the box on Easter Friday. Jake could not be reached for comment.