Short Term Rentals 

Katherine Jacques 

After extra time and much thought, the town adopted the second draft project of bylaw 596-12 regarding short-term rentals. By the time readers see this, it will either be passed, or the steps for a referendum will be in place. The limit of 182 days of rental for a calendar year remains for both primary and secondary residences as well as the need to obtain a certificate from the CITQ. The condition of 20 meters from any neighbouring house was removed after hearing comments from citizens. The lot size must be a minimum of 1,500 m2 for secondary residences. About the subject of regulating these new conditions, the town believes that the additional revenue generated will allow for the hiring of a resource to enforce the primary ‘irritants’ like noise and parking complaints.This is intended to be a first phase in the evolving process of regulating short term rentals in the Town of Brome Lake.