West Bolton Council Meeting – April 2022

Tony Rotherham 

The mayor and all councillors except G. Asselin, were present. At a special meeting held on April 4th, council approved an urgent application for a large provincial grant to rebuild 1.2 km of Paramount Road. Due to the passage of heavy trucks during spring thaw and poor material in the sub-grade, the road was in such poor condition that some residents could not get to their houses. 

Question Period – Discussion included: Control of heavy vehicles during the spring thaw; spreading new gravel having the effect of widening narrow roads and increasing traffic speed; an increase in the number of new houses being built in West Bolton. It was pointed out that this is happening in many rural municipalities. The mayor noted that information on testing of domestic well water will soon be posted on the municipal website.
Urbanism – Two applications to build houses on Paramount Road on Foster Mountain were approved.
Administration – New Codes of Ethics and Conduct for elected officials and municipal employees were approved.
Roads – Road grading has been delayed until the end of spring thaw.
Environment – The mayor reported on the results of 2021 water testing in streams flowing through West Bolton. Two tests were carried out: IDEC – based on the presence of diatomic algae, and a test for the presence of caffeine and traces of pharmaceuticals to indicate effects of human activity. The quality of water in nine streams flowing into three watersheds was generally rated as ‘A. 

Public Safety – A request to increase the provincial allowance for the training of new fire-fighters was approved. Connection to the next generation 911 system was approved. 

Health and Welfare – The annual subsidy for re-usable diapers was increased to $150/child. 

Next Meeting: May 9, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.