Xavier Lemaître 

Robert Paterson 

Xavier Lemaître, the son of Knowlton Academy teacher Nick Lemaître, participated in the 2022 Pan Am Games in Serra, Brazil, on March 27, 2022. Coming sixth, Xavier helped the Men’s U20 Canadian team win the PanAm title in Cross Country. 

Xavier began his athletic career as a competitive soccer player. In 2019, he gave soccer up for cross-country and long distance running. A smart choice as this sport was not as badly affected as team sports by COVID.

Looking to the future, completing CEGEP in December 2022, Xavier hopes to join the University Circuit, either USPORTS or NCAA, for 2023. Several universities in Québec and elsewhere in Canada have their eyes on Xavier and would like to include him in their academic and athletic programs. His father comments that “the challenge will be to choose a field of study and the best place to do it all.”