Brome Bright Lights 

Susan Jacques 

Brome Bright Lights Short Story contest has been in existence since 2007. It was another record year with 181 stories. There were some truly amazing tales, making the job of judging very hard indeed. The judges saw a very clear trend of spooky stories as well as some very inspirational works. Three top stories featured the topic of eggs or chickens. And the age-old question has been answered. The egg came first written by Shawn Cere, The Egg took home the grand prize of $200. First prize winners from each grade received $50 and second prize winners received $25. This year, for the first time, the contest was sponsored by Brome Lake Books. Congratulations to all. 

Grade 1 / 1ière année
1st prize / 1er prix– Ronin Fournier, Mansonville Elementary, The Two Best Friends
2nd prize / 2e prix – Waterloo Elementary Grade 1 class, Gerald the Magic Dragon 

Grade 2 / 2e année
1st prize / 1er prix – Kiera Trahan, Farnham Elementary, The Exploring Frog 

2nd prize / 2e prix – Sebastian Valeanu, Farnham Elementary, The Brave King 

Grade 3 / 3e année
1st prize / 1er prix– Shawn Cere, Heroes Memorial, The Egg
2nd prize / 2e prix – Rose Pelletier, Butler Elementary, The Enchanted Forest 

Grade 4 / 4e année
1st prize / 1er prix – Edward Grand, Waterloo Elementary,  Pog on the Kaloana 

2nd prize / 2e prix – Laura Grapes, Heroes Memorial, Milk and Cookies 

Grade 5 / 5e année
1st prize / 1er prix – Alfred Scott, Knowlton Academy, The Golden Egg 

2nd prize / 2e prix – Lauren Royer, Knowlton Academy, Lost in the Woods Because of a Chicken 

Grade 6 / 6e année
1st prize / 1er prix – Amelya Jersey, Mansonville Elementary, Anxiety
2nd prize / 2e prix – Megan Foster, Heroes Memorial, The Path to Freedom 

Grand Prize winner / Grand gagnant Shawn Cere, Heroes Memorial, The Egg