Can you believe 

Susan Jacques 

• No good deed goes unpunished. The truth of this was revealed when, doing a favour for busy friends by letting their miniature dachshunds out to attend to biological needs, a woman’s bouvier was attacked by the wee villains. Luckily for the dachshunds, who were no more than a mouthful for the larger dog, the bouvier did not retaliate. Instead, she leaned firmly against her human’s thigh, looked up and off into the distance, and apparently went to her happy place. Her human successfully moved the dachshunds away with her feet.
• A couple were quietly enjoying their morning coffee break when there was a huge bang on the metal roof of their house. Well, it certainly wasn’t the night before Christmas and so they quickly went out to inspect the exterior of the house. To their surprise, they discovered an enormous Canada goose lying stunned on the back deck. Before having time to decide what action to take, the goose righted itself, gave a little shake and then very slowly waddled off to join its mates in the field.
• A groundhog was slowly, but systematically, eating through the perennial plants in a West Bolton garden and the avid gardeners were desperate. After seeking advice, they borrowed and set a live trap. On waking the next morning, they were filled with anticipation as they heard something rattling in the cage. The caged animal was not a groundhog but a baby fox that looked at them with beautiful brown and soulful eyes. The trappers were only too happy to free the young fox and watch it happily scamper away.
• Have you ever driven on a country lane at dusk, with rain falling and headlights lighting up the pavement? It is surprising to see all the frogs that are hopping across the road to get to the safety of the ditch. It is an impossible task to try to swerve to avoid them. No wonder that in heavy-frog-traffic areas, in certain countries, they install “frog crossings”.