Editorial : A quieter and cleaner summer

The world is alive with the sound of lawn mowers every summer. But that is changing. A new trend is accelerating in garden care, a shift from gas to battery-powered mowers. With no government assistance and no formal publicity, it is change driven by neighbours talking to neighbours. Batteries can now hold a long enough charge to mow a domestic lawn. Battery mowers are much lighter than gas-driven mowers, and the effort to mow is minimal, more like a good walk than work. Battery mowers are significantly less noisy, making it easier on your neighbours. There is no smell and minimal maintenance. Taking about three hours to charge, the batteries also mean no more trips to buy gas. 

Many manufacturers use the same battery pack for a host of other tools, such as trimmers, snow blowers, chain saws and, thank the Lord, leaf blowers. So, you can get a great return on your battery investment. Batteries themselves come in a variety of charge and power ratings. Most equipment is sold with the base battery model, but you can upgrade to batteries that hold three times the base charge. 

The starter models of battery mowers cost about $400. More expensive ones are self-propelled with a larger battery capability enabling large lawns to be mowed easily. Quebec has the cheapest electricity in North America. At a time when gasoline prices are at shocking highs, battery powered garden equipment not only saves money but is quieter and better for the overall environment.