Inverness property protected 

Fred Langan 

The new owner of the old Inverness golf course plans to keep it as is for now and allow only limited development on the 121-acre property in the future. 

“I bought it to protect the site from overdevelopment,” says Mark Pathy, who now owns the property. “There were plans to build 135 residential lots on the site, and I don’t believe that would be in the interests of the community where we all live.” 

Among other things, he said such a development would have put a strain on roads and changed the nature of the overall community. Pathy was bidding against developers, and he said he would have liked to have put together a group of concerned citizens, but there wasn’t time. He adds that what he has done is defensive. He has no immediate plans for the property but doesn’t count out some type of restrained development down the road. 

“If there is any construction at all, it will be done in a responsible and sustainable fashion,” says Pathy. “But no matter what, the vast majority of the property will not be developed.” 

The real estate agent who worked with Mark Pathy on the project says he bought the property for idealistic, not commercial, reasons. 

“He did the community a huge favour by protecting it from intense development,” says Reg Gauthier.