Massey-Vanier accepts tab collection challenge

Susan Jacques

For about seven years, students at Massey-Vanier in Cowansville have been collecting aluminum alloy tabs, under the leadership of Gail Klinck. The money amassed from recycling these is donated to the Shriners Hospital for Children. Starting right now, the school has been challenged by École élémentaire Ste-Lucie in Cornwall Ontario to see which school can collect the most tabs in a year. In the past, several other schools and individuals have contributed their tabs to the Massey-Vanier effort and now everyone is asked to get involved in the challenge. You can take your tabs to a local ETSB elementary school which will put them in inter-school mail for Gail Klinck. While Massey-Vanier would really love to win the competition, the real winners are the children at the Shriners Hospital. Every little bit helps towards the ultimate goal.