West Bolton Council Meeting – June 2022

Tony Rotherham 

The mayor and all councillors were present.

Urbanism – Council approved applications for a short-term rental property on Stagecoach Road, construction of a garage on Prospect Road and an ‘outdoor terrace’ behind the Thirsty Boot. The contract for town planning and building inspection services was extended to December 31. Seventy-nine building permits, valued at $5.5M have been issued in 2022.

Roads – Paramount Road provides the only access to houses on Mt. Gauvin in St-Étienne, in addition to the branch roads off Paramount and Foster Mountain. Council has decided to proceed with rebuilding Paramount between Glen Road and de la Tour this summer to avoid another major road failure during the spring thaw in 2023. The town will borrow $2.3 million to cover the cost of rebuilding the road. Part of this loan will be covered by a provincial grant of $2 million which is expected. A call for tenders to resurface Brill, Stukely, Bailey and Spicer roads was approved. 

Town Hall renovations – A committee has been appointed to review the facilities in the town hall and determine what additional space and facilities are needed. At present the town hall has no well and septic system, a shortage of parking space, no storage for archives, no private office space and a very small area for council meetings and community gatherings. A further problem is the very small size of the lot upon which the town hall is standing. All adjacent property is zoned for agricultural use. When a careful review of the situation has been completed the report will be presented to the community for discussion.

Environment – Two patches of giant hogweed have been found in West Bolton. One on Quilliams Road and the other on Summit Road. Giant hogweed is a toxic, invasive species of plant and must be eradicated. If you find some hogweed plants do not touch them. Call Town Hall and report the location. 

Next Meeting: July 11, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.