Glen Mountain could re-open

Fred Langan

Glen Mountain in West Bolton could open for skiing this winter. Knowlton entrepreneur Peter White has made a $6.1 million offer for the once popular local ski hill, which has been closed to the public since 2004.

“I have an accepted offer for the property that closes on October 31st,” said Mr. White. The current owner Mario Lamothe has kept the ski trails open for private use.

“We are going to open this season, with some kind of uphill capacity. If it’s not lifts it will be snowmobiles or snow cats,” says Mr. White, who owned Glen Mountain (Ski Mont Glen) from 1978 to 2004. “Pat Côté was the general manager and he will be back.” Mr. White is looking for some financing. He is offering limited partnerships to interested investors. “Those partners will have free ski passes for their families and descendants forever,” says Mr. White showing his entrepreneurial skills.