New help for senior residents

Robert Paterson

A new senior outreach worker, Marta Gubert Gomes, was hired in March 2022, by Action Communautaire Lac-Brome. Her role is to guide seniors and their families to services in the community. Her focus is to keep seniors in their homes as long as possible, keeping them socially active, and breaking the isolation created by the pandemic.

“We are here if you need help finding services for neurocognitive disorders for a family member or friend, if you are finding it hard to get into your bathtub, and would feel safer using a shower, or if you are feeling isolated after the pandemic, and would like to know about free or subsidized activities in the area such as walking groups, exercise classes, group physiotherapy sessions on collective kitchens, arts and crafts. If you are uncomfortable going and need a home visit, please contact us. I am the bridge between you and the available services” says Mrs. Gomes.

You can call me at 450 204-9423 or 

Action Communautaire Lac-Brome (ACLB) was established in July 2019 to foster integration, mutual aid and better living conditions in the town of Brome Lake and the surrounding area. ACLB works closely with the town of Brome Lake. Its other financial partners include the Brome-Missisquoi MRC, various federal and provincial departments, and private donors.