Peter Blundell

Fred Langan

Peter Blundell was a brilliant cardiovascular surgeon, a pioneer in open heart surgery who first came to Knowlton on weekends and holidays while he practiced medicine in Montreal, until he and his wife Marni retired here 20 years ago.

Peter, who died at the age of 93, was active in the community and was one of the most active fundraisers for the Community Centre, tirelessly knocking on doors, extolling the benefits of the future centre and politely cajoling people for a donation. Peter was a member of the Board of the CARKE Foundation, a non-profit charitable foundation serving LacBrome, West Bolton and Brome Village. “Peter was very actively involved, and successfully so, in helping to raise money for the building of the Centre LacBrome, which houses the Community Centre and the Medical Clinic,” said Claire Kerrigan, a long time director of CARKE.

Peter Blundell was born in Toronto and graduated in Medicine from the University of Toronto, then studied in England and at the Mayo Clinic in the United States for more than two years. He was wooed by the Montreal General Hospital and moved to Montreal in 1965 where he was the first fully trained cardiovascular surgeon. Along with his revolutionary work with heart surgery, he also shared his knowledge with medical students at McGill.

Peter was an avid skier, golfer and played tennis into his nineties. He loved to paint, and cared for an elaborate garden with two Koi ponds, which he opened for the annual house and garden tour. He will be remembered by his friends and family as an open, friendly man, who came alive at parties and loved to dance. He was devoted to his wife Marni, and she to him. She survives him as do his children Cathy, Jamie and Andrew and five grand daughters.