Wellness Volunteer Centre Annual General Meeting 

Judy Foster, Wellness Director 

Founded in 1987, the TBL Wellness Volunteer Centre held its 35th AGM in June 2022 and continues to be dedicated to helping seniors in the TBL maintain independent living and improve quality of life.  2021 was another unusual year due to COVID restrictions. Meals on Wheels, Friendly Visits, Transportation and Emergency Alert installations and repairs continued as usual. Two Christmas teas were held and two special deliveries of goodies were made to seniors in their homes. It was not possible to continue with the 50+ Drop-In Centre or Senior Day Centre. Wellness Volunteer Centre was invited to sponsor (through government funding) a new improved kitchen at the Community Centre. This resulted in a modernized kitchen facility to be shared by community organizations. Services and activities for seniors will resume soon. 

Our election of directors for 2023: 

President – Barry Paige
Vice President – Janie Trew 

Secretary- Diane Munzar 

Treasurer – Nancy Pagé